wallajumper is a frog-like creature that children magically morph into, right around bedtime. 

It’s true…Ask my little girl. She used to become one when she was three years old.  The pastime of soothing her to sleep with a story was ousted by a new and upcoming game; the emphatic jumping on her bed while proclaiming, “I’m a Wallajumper! I’m a Wallajumper!”

The rules to this game were simple.  During her jumping, I would throw a duvet over her head.  She’d respond by falling down onto the mattress. There she remained still for seconds, as if she were sleeping.  Suddenly she’d jump up, hoist the duvet onto the floor and then start jumping again, declaring repetitiously “I’m a Wallajumper! I’m a Wallajumper!”

The game would continue and continue until one of us had enough. – That was usually me.  It can get tiring, all that duvet throwing.  When my son decided that this is a game better played with two Wallajumpers, I truly honed my duvet-throwing skills. 

My kids are my inspiration and it was only natural that our nightly ritual, become the name of my company.