poem-in-your-hand Procedure

The first step is to fill out, as completely as you can, the Poem Customization form located under Fill Out Form and Buy. The Poem Customization Form is a list of questions for you to answer in detail. These details tell me a lot of what I need to write you a fabulous poem. Click on SEND when you are finished. The form is then sent to me directly. Then click on BUY NOW to complete the purchase of your poem.

Once I receive the form and payment, I'll read all its glorious details that you have sent me and start on your poem.I may not use all the details you provide, but I will use as much as I can to create for you a poem with impact and high quality; a stick-to-the-subject poem that will be remembered. If there are details that you absolutely need to be mentioned, please let me know which ones on the Poem Customization Form. If you have any questions for me prior to filling out the form and payment, please feel free to contact me at Diane@WallaJumper.com


Once I receive the form and payment, I will send you your Poem within 10 business days. This timeframe is seldom extended beyond 10 business days, but it is not guaranteed. If there must be a delay, I will contact you by email before I get started on your poem. You can choose at that point to accept the delay or to have your money refunded to you.

Editing policy

Once I send you the poem as an attachement by email, you will have a chance to have the following changes made to it at no extra charge.

Send your requested changes as a reply within the same poem email.
These changes will be made within 2 extra business days and the poem will be resent to you by email.

If you want to add NEW details that you hadn't provided on the Poem Customization Form, there will be a surcharge starting at $50 depending on the quantity of changes or amount of rework required. This is because new details may involve significant reworking of your poem. Give me all your details from the start to pay the lowest possible price.

Please note: Wallajumper poems are humorous, uplifting and quirky. I won't make any overall style changes or changes to another kind of poem i.e., serious.

Please note: Changes that involve NEW details may require longer than 2 extra business days to complete.


Here are my rates:

*Please note that all prices shown are in Canadian Dollars.

Longer poems are possible too. Let me know how long you want it and I'll send you a quote.

Remember, send me all your details right from the start on the Poem Customization Form to avoid a surcharge starting at $50.

Click on SEND at the bottom of the Poem Customization Form page when you are finished entering your details. Then click on BUY NOW to complete the purchase of your poem. Payment is made securely with Paypal.

My service

All Wallajumper poems are written by me personally. I don't outsource to anyone. Please see samples of poems I've written. Some were for clients, others are part of a collection to be published.

All information you provide is kept in confidence. All commisioned poems that are displayed on my website have had name changes to protect identity.

Copyright information

I retain copyright on all commisioned work. it cannot be extensively altered nor can the client claim it as theirs. No Wallajumper poem can be used by the client to generate profit. Once purchased, though, you may use your Wallajumper poem for everything and anything else.