the idea behind Wallajumper’s Words came about 30 years ago when I couldn’t keep myself from writing rhymes and dazzling ways of saying things. 

I wrote them at school.
I wrote more at the pool.
I wrote them in the yard,
And down the boulevard.
I tried, oh I tried to stop,
But I kept writing even at the shop.
I wrote at the library in books,
And got many bizarre looks.
I wrote them during final exams.
I wrote them in cars, on trains and trams.
I wrote with all my attention, I didn’t know where I was heading.
I wrote with so must zest, I almost missed my wedding.
I wrote at the office, I must confess.
I wrote during conferences, although under duress.
I’m prisoner to a part of me that makes me do it.
Even while giving birth, it helped me get through it.
I grew up, yes I did, but my pen persists.
Oh, the workout for my fingers, my palms and my wrists.